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Miranda Lambert's "Bluebird' perches atop the country chart

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Ellen Von UnwerthMiranda Lambert‘s “Bluebird” flies to the top of the country chart this week, marking the superstar’s first trip to number one since 2014’s “Somethin’ Bad” with Carrie Underwood

Even though Miranda co-wrote the tune about looking on the bright side in the face of adversity, she admits that’s not necessarily her natural tendency. 

“I don’t consider myself optimistic, necessarily,” she reveals. “I think I’m not carefree. I’m definitely a worrier, and I’m a planner.”

“And I think I’ve gotten a little more laidback in my thirties,” she adds.

Especially in light of everything that’s happening in 2020, the Texas native believes “Bluebird” brings a dose of encouragement we can all use.

“I need to hear the message in ‘Bluebird,’ too,” she reflects, “because I have to remind myself to keep a bluebird in my heart also.”

“And that’s the whole point of this song, is to keep hope, and to have that little bit of optimism,” she continues. “And so [it’s] definitely a perfect song for a perfect time.”

“Bluebird” is the second single from Miranda’s Wildcard album, and also happens to contain the line that’s the inspiration for the record’s title. 

By Stephen Hubbard  
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