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Luenell says it's giving her "high blood pressure" to keep mum about the 'Coming to America' sequel

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Courtesy of L-Murder

(NEW YORK) — Comedian and actress Luenell is having a difficult time keeping quiet about her amazing experience filming the Coming to America sequel, which is due out in December.

The new film, which brings back original cast members Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones and Shari Headley, is said to follow Murphy as the present day Akeem Joffer, who is about to become king of Zumunda. However, before Akeem officially takes on his kingly duties, the prince learns about a long-lost son and returns to America to “meet his unlikely heir to the throne.”

Luenell tells ABC Audio that the hardest part about keeping quiet about the upcoming film is not sharing any of her fun memories.

“The thing that is killing me is I have a phone full of pictures, behind the scenes, that I haven’t been able to post or share one photo,” she says. “It’s making me have high blood pressure, not being able to post any of the pictures. But soon, in December.”

Since there’s been a lot of speculation about the film already, including false information about the cast, Luenell says she’s making sure her fans have all the facts.

“There’s a fake Coming to America poster that’s out right now that says that it comes out in August,” she says. “It doesn’t. It comes out in December.”

“They say it’s Coming to America 2, but it’s actually called Coming 2 America: The Quest,” Luenell continues. “And it has Tiffany Haddish in the photo, too, but she’s not even in the movie. So if you see something about Coming to America that’s fake, fake, fake. Nothing has been released yet.”

Coming 2 America: The Quest is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18, 2020.

By Candice Williams
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