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Lindsay Ell is “Ready to Love” in her hopeful new tune

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BBR Music GroupLindsay Ell is sharing the next piece of her upcoming album, heart theory

Her new song, “Ready to Love,” tells a peaceful and optimistic story about finally being able to move on to new love after a difficult heartbreak. It’s the 12th and final track on heart theory, representing the final “acceptance” stage of the grief process, which the singer tracks throughout her project.

“My new album [heart theory] is the arch of the seven stages of grief…ending in acceptance,” Lindsay explained on social media when she released the song. “That stage is the song that dropped today.”

The other song included under the “acceptance” stage in heart theory is “Make You,” which Lindsay shared earlier this month. While “Ready to Love” is bubbly and hopeful, “Make You” delves into heavier territory, coming to terms with real-life sexual assault experiences the singer faced at the ages of 13 and 21.

Lindsay also previously shared a swagger-filled kiss-off anthem called “Want Me Back,” which she wrote with fellow country star Kane Brown.

heart theory is due for release on August 14.

By Carena Liptak
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