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It's driving Brothers Osborne crazy, not knowing when they can bring their 'Skeletons' to life onstage

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Eric Ryan AndersonSkeletons, the third studio album from Brothers Osborne, won’t arrive until fall, but one thing’s already a reality: TJ and John are anxious to play it live right now.

In fact, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire effort was designed for the day the duo could bring it to life onstage, especially the lead single, “All Night.” 

“We made this record specifically with the idea of going out and performing live,” TJ tells ABC Audio. “Our last record, Port St. Joe, we really loved, but it was a little more chill.”

“We thought, ‘Man, let’s have some songs that we can play to thousands of people and just kind of get the party going and have a good time,'” he continues. “And this record really does it from start to finish.”

“We were just grinning at the idea [of] once this record’s done and we get a couple of singles out, particularly this first one, it’s gonna be so fun playing this live,” he admits. “And we knew people would eat it up.”

It’s a concept Brothers Osborne already road-tested, as far back as their debut, Pawn Shop.

“When we would play ‘It Ain’t My Fault,’ before it was even a recognizable hit,” TJ recalls, “people just responded to it. And that’s actually why we chose to make it a single… We were like, ‘Man, when we perform this song live, people just go crazy for it, and they’ve never heard it before.'”

“And we felt that this was gonna happen with a lot of these songs that are on this new project,” he adds. “And of course, we can’t perform, so it is driving us crazy.”  

The time when traditional concerts can resume remains to be seen, but Brothers’ full Skeletons album arrives October 9. 

By Stephen Hubbard  
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