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Dan + Shay defy gravity in dizzying “I Should Probably Go to Bed” video

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Warner Music NashvilleHot on the heels of their new single’s release on Friday, Dan + Shay dropped a gravity-defying video to match the dazzling vocal acrobatics of “I Should Probably Go to Bed.”

The clip begins inside an old mansion filled with vintage appliances and a recurring aesthetic theme of red and yellow. Bandmates Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney find themselves lost in different sections of the house, and before long, things start to go sidewise — literally.

Whiskey glasses topple, furniture levitates, a hallway fills with fluttering sheets of loose paper and the two country stars find themselves sliding from wall to wall, as the song’s emotion ramps up to a climax. Meanwhile, in the town below, people stop at intersections and basketball courts to stare up at the sky in amazement, as the old house floats in the air above them.

“I Should Probably Go to Bed” follows “10,000 Hours,” the duo’s 2019 hit duet with pop superstar Justin Bieber. Dan +Shay have been teasing their new single for several days, dropping short trailer teasers of the track and music video on social media.

If the duo plan on following a traditional album release format, then “I Should Probably Go to Bed” is likely the second single from an upcoming, as-yet-unannounced fourth album.

By Carena Liptak
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