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AMC scores victory in battle with 'The Walking Dead' creator and producers over profits

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AMC/Jace Downs(LOS ANGELES) — AMC scored a major victory on Wednesday in its battle with The Walking Dead co-creator, Robert Kirkman over profits from the series.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel J. Buckley ruled AMC was entitled to define “modified adjusted gross receipts” under the terms of its contracts with profit participants, according to Variety.

The suit, filed in 2017 by Kirkman and three of the show’s producers alleged that AMC used corporate accounting and deals among its various related companies to avoid payouts on profit sharing and licensing agreements.

An earlier suit, brought by co-creator Frank Darabont, who was fired as an executive producer during The Walking Dead‘s second season seeks $280 million in payments.  That case, filed in 2013, is set to go to trial next year, according to the industry trade.

AMC’s lead attorney, Orin Snyder, applauded the ruling in a statement obtained by Variety, writing in part, “Today’s decision is a total victory for AMC.  The judge found in AMC’s favor on all seven issues that were presented at trial and confirmed that AMC honored its contracts and paid Mr. Kirkman and the other plaintiffs what they were owed.”

“We are now turning our attention to the trial in New York — which involves very similar claims by CAA and Frank Darabont — secure in the knowledge that the first court to hold a trial on these issues ruled completely in AMC’s favor.”

The Los Angeles case will hear the remaining issues, unless the parties can resolve their dispute out of court.

By George Costantino
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