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TTR Weather Update from NWS Houston/Galveston including information for Colorado and Wharton Counties.

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As the atmosphere cools, look for a little sleet and/or a few snowflakes to mix in with the rain this morning, then see a chance for snow to mix back with rain tonight before precipitation comes to an end completely. With the warm ground temperatures, no impacts are expected.

Additionally, temperatures will be colder tonight. Look for a freeze warning later today once the southern edge of where a warning will be needed is firmed up.


We’ve already seen reports of sleet mixed with rain far south as Jersey Village, near Barker reservoir, and even in Sugar Land this morning, in addition to reports near College Station as early as last night. Because surfaces are so warm, anything frozen should melt on impact. At the very worst, if bridges and elevated roads stay wet enough for long enough, and cool quickly enough, some minor impacts there may manifest. But this is a very conditional risk, as you can probably tell from the previous sentence.

Expect potential for a mix into the morning hours, but we’ll eventually get warm enough to limit or eliminate any mix, until we begin cooling tonight. By then, the atmosphere aloft will have cooled enough to prevent any sleet, but some snow may mix in, but that colder air is also drier, and it will be a balancing act between being cold enough for snow and having enough moisture. Because of this, there may actually be a better chance of snow towards the coast rather than farther north!

Freezing temperatures are likely north of Houston for up to 8 hours far to the north in Houston County. Houston the city will likely stay above freezing, but some more rural northern suburbs may briefly reach 32° before sunrise. Because of the uncertainty, a freeze warning has not been hammered out yet, but one should be expected later today.


Sean Luchs and Josh Lichter

National Weather Service – Houston/Galveston, TX

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