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Flood Warning for San Marcos River below Luling affecting Caldwell and Gonzales Counties.

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...The flood warning continues for the following rivers in Texas...

  San Marcos River below Luling Affecting Caldwell and Gonzales Counties

All persons with interests along the river should monitor
the latest forecasts, and be prepared to take necessary
precautions to protect life and property.

River stage forecasts are based on observed rainfall along with
predicted rain for the next 12 hours. If actual rainfall varies
from forecast values, forecast river stages will vary.

Do not drive automobiles through flooded areas. Remember, 18 inches
of water or less can carry away most vehicles, including trucks.

If you see flood waters or come upon a flooded roadway, remember
to turn around and do not drown.

For the latest river stages and forecasts visit www.srh.noaa.gov/ewx.

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