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Strong Cold Front to Impact South Texas Saturday Night Through Early Next Week.

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TTR Weather Update including information for Calhoun, Goliad, and Victoria Counties from the Natonal Weather Service in Corpus Christi.

Timing and Overview:
A very strong cold front will move through South Texas Saturday night. This front will bring with it a surge of strong winds and very cold temperatures.


Temperature: A light freeze will be possible in portions of South Texas Monday morning, especially northern counties. Temperatures along the coast will be mainly in the mid 30s. High temperatures Sunday and Monday will be only in the 40s.

Wind Chill: Wind chill values could drop into the 20s nightly from late Saturday night through Monday night/Tuesday morning. Sunday night will be the coldest with wind chill values in the lower to mid 20s for much of the area.
Wind: Strong winds develop after midnight Saturday night with winds gales possible over marine areas. Wind gusts to 35-45 mph are possible over the coastal bend with wind gusts 30-40 mph elsewhere late Saturday night and on Sunday.
Seas/Bays: Seas will build on Sunday to as much as 10 to 12 feet in deep waters.
Impacts: Strong winds will make the operation of vessels very difficult. If gales develop, these conditions require experience and properly equipped vessels. It is highly recommended that mariners without the proper experience seek safe harbor prior to the onset of gale conditions.

Loose items in yards and parking lots will likely be blown around Saturday night and Sunday. Items should be secured if possible. This is a particular concern this time of year with holiday decorations.

With forecasted temperature and wind chill values, those outside should wear additional layers of clothing including a hat scarf and gloves. Pets should be provided shelter, plants may need to be covered.





Additional Information Resources:
NWS Corpus Christi Marine Webpage: https://www.weather.gov/crp/marine
Penny Zabel/Lara Keys/Tawnya Evans
NWS Corpus Christi, TX

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