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Tiger Woods car crash: Sheriff to release findings

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Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesBy Emily Shapiro, ABC News

(LOS ANGELES) — Authorities on Wednesday will release the findings of the rollover car crash that left Tiger Woods seriously injured.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is holding a press conference at 1 p.m. ET to discuss the golfing great’s Feb. 23 accident in Southern California.

Villanueva said last month that a cause was determined and the investigation had concluded.

“We have reached out to Tiger Woods and his personnel,” Villanueva said. “There’s some privacy issues on releasing information on the investigation so we’re going to ask them if they waive the privacy and then we will be able to do a full release.”

Woods was alone, driving a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV, when he crashed on the border of Rolling Hills estates and Rancho Palos Verdes.

The vehicle hit the center median, crossed into the opposite lane and then hit the curb and a tree, the sheriff said in February. The GV80 rolled over several times and was found several hundred feet away from the center divider with a deployed airbag.

In February the sheriff said no charges were anticipated against Woods, calling the crash “purely an accident.”

Woods, who was wearing a seat belt, was taken to a hospital where he underwent a long surgical procedure on his lower right leg and ankle, officials said. Days later he was moved to another hospital for follow-up procedures.

Woods said in a March 16 statement that he was back home in Florida and continuing his recovery.

Fellow golfer Rory McIlroy told The New York Times this week that he’s visited Woods and described him as in “decent spirits.”

“He’s fully focused on the recovery process,” McIlroy told The Times. “And I feel like he’s mentally strong enough to get through that. And once he does, broken bones heal, and he’s just got to take it step by step. I’m sure he’s going to put everything he has into trying to be ready to play.”

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Tom Brady reveals newfound motivation with Buccaneers, how much he earned per signed rookie card

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ABC NewsBy Kelly McCarthy, ABC News

(NEW YORK) — Tom Brady sat down with Michael Strahan in a new exclusive interview for Good Morning America to reflect on winning his seventh career Super Bowl, and the motivation behind his longevity and momentum.

When Brady announced he was leaving New England after 20 years, six NFL titles and four Super Bowl MVP awards to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the quarterback faced criticism and doubt.

“I was always kind of motivated by people that say ‘you can’t do it.’ You know, ‘you’re not good enough, you’re not fast enough, not big enough, you’re not good enough arm,’” Brady told GMA. “I’ve had a body of work over a period of time, so you know, you just say, hey [and] quickly you forget.”

He continued, “I think that’s a great part about football. It’s not really about what you did last year, it’s kind of what you’re going to do this year, so for me, it was what I was going to do for the Bucs last year. I still feel that way.”

Earning his first title in his first season with a new team would have been impressive enough, but even more so because it all came together during a pandemic.

“I think that’s a big part of what I understood last year, it’s things are gonna be different. I try to work within what’s currently happening but still try to do the best I could do,” Brady said. “All of it was really — really amazing, obviously with the way the season ended — so it was a great year.”

For the 43-year-old quarterback, the idea of starting from scratch in Florida after two decades in New England was “in a lot of ways really invigorating.”

“You know when you’re at the Patriots, everyone would always come to me and introduce themselves to me because I was kind of the mainstay,” he said. “But I was the new guy for the first time, you know, and that was a really different experience.”

Another big difference for Brady has been his new head coach, Bruce Arians, who is a totally different type of coach than Bill Belichick, he said.

“He’s a great motivator — he’s got a great feel for the team — a great pulse for what’s going on in a locker room, great intuition, great evaluation of talent,” Brady said. “When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way, and I think when you go to a different place you realize, ‘wow — there’s another way that people do things.'”

One month after his Super Bowl win over Kansas City, Brady broke another record off the field when his rookie card sold for $2.25 million, edging out the previous record of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose card sold in early February for $861,000.

“It’s surreal and it makes me want to go check all my cards that I have stored again; there’s got to be one [more] in there somewhere,” Brady said. “I kept all these cards for all these years.”

When he was first coming up in the league trying to make some money, he said, “my agent, Steve, was like [‘I’ve] got a trading card deal for you. Sign 1000 cards and they’re going to pay you like 20 cents a card.’ And I was like, ’20 cents a card, five, whatever — I’m gonna be rich. This is unbelievable!’

“And 21 years later, you see these cards that are worth that kind of money. I definitely should have kept some of them — but whatever I think it all worked out pretty good,” he said.

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Scoreboard roundup — 04/07/21

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iStockBy ABC News

(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Tuesday’s sports events:



LA Dodgers 5, Oakland 1


Detroit 4, Minnesota 3
Houston 4, LA Angels 2
NY Yankees 7, Baltimore 2
Texas 7, Toronto 4
Boston 6, Tampa Bay 5
Chi White Sox 10, Seattle 4


Washington 6, Atlanta 5
Cincinnati 14, Pittsburgh 1
St. Louis 4, Miami 2
NY Mets 8, Philadelphia 4
Milwaukee 4, Chi Cubs 0
Arizona 10, Colorado 8
San Diego 3, San Francisco 1


Chicago 113, Indiana 97
Atlanta 123, New Orleans 107
Philadelphia 106, Boston 96
LA Lakers 110, Toronto 101
Memphis 124, Miami 112
Denver 134, Detroit 119
LA Clippers 133, Portland 116
Golden State 122, Milwaukee 121


Buffalo 5, New Jersey 3
NY Islanders 1, Washington 0
Columbus 4, Tampa Bay 2
Carolina 5, Florida 2
NY Rangers 8, Pittsburgh 4
Boston 4, Philadelphia 2
Nashville 3, Detroit 2 (OT)
Chicago 4, Dallas 2
Anaheim 5, San Jose 1
Vancouver at Winnipeg (Postponed)

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NCAA group condemns anti-transgender sports bills in open letter

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jetcityimage/iStockBy Kiara Brantley-Jones, ABC News

(NEW YORK) — Already, 2021 has been a record year for anti-transgender legislation — especially when it comes to school athletics — and one group is taking a stand.

To date, 28 states across the country have taken action to introduce, pass and sign anti-transgender bills, according to the Human Rights Campaign. The majority of these bills are attempting to exclude transgender athletes from school sports and deny gender-affirming health care to youth.

In response, the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s (NCAA) Division III LGBTQ OneTeam Program and members of the NCAA’s Division III LGBTQ Working Group condemned the newly proposed laws in an open letter.

The LGBTQ advocacy group on Monday released a letter titled “An Open Letter in Support of Transgender Student-Athletes,” which called upon elected officials to put an end to legislation aimed at “excluding transgender youth and young adults from equal and equitable participation in sport.”

“We have decided to use our collective voice to condemn such actions,” the letter reads. “We cannot, in good conscience, fail to speak out at this critical moment.”

The NCAA Division III LGBTQ OneTeam Program trains coaches, athletics administrators and student-athletes across all Division III athletics to promote LGBTQ inclusion in college athletics and create an inclusive and safe climate.

“Legislation aimed at categorically banning transgender people — and particularly transgender girls and women — from sport is inherently discriminatory,” the letter said. “Such legislation is often ‘informed’ by hate and misinformation rather than science, and it is most certainly ‘informed’ by fear instead of fact.”

The release of the open letter comes amid controversy over several bills targeting transgender people that have advanced in multiple states. The governors of Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee have all signed laws prohibiting transgender girls and women from competing in school sports teams consistent with their gender identity. Executive orders to the same effect have also been signed in South Dakota.

The letter was signed by more than 50 other facilitators of the NCAA Division III LGBTQ OneTeam Program, including Timothy R. Bussey, associate director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Kenyon College.

“It’s so important to speak out against this legislation, because it is fully rooted in transphobic lies and myths and misconceptions about transgender people,” Bussey, who uses they/them pronouns, told ABC News.

“These laws really play off of those myths and misconceptions about the trans community, and this proposed legislation really weaponizes that misconception and that lack of understanding of science in a way that seeks to exclude trans people and ultimately causes harm to trans folks on a number of levels,” they said.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, 18 states introduced bills last year that would ban transgender girls and women from competing on girls’ and women’s school sports teams. That number increased this year, with more than two dozen states now introducing similar legislation in their current session.

Additionally, more than 90 anti-trans bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the nation this year, according to the HRC.

Bussey also warned that the continued passage of anti-transgender legislation is sending a “dangerous message.”

“It’s sending a message to educators and school professionals across the country that legislators in your state want to treat trans and non-binary students in a way that they can be excluded from certain spaces,” they said.

“Ultimately, it’s going to have an impact on trans youth and trans young adults, irrespective if they want to play sports,” Bussey added, “because it’s sending a message to those kids that they are not welcome.”

The NCAA LGBTQ OneTeam letter echoed that warning.

“Discriminatory legislation that is aimed at excluding transgender people from sport has a number of serious consequences for transgender students,” the letter reads. “Such legislation dehumanizes transgender students, refuses them the opportunity to participate equally and equitably in athletics, undermines their support in educational settings, damages their mental health, and ultimately harms these students, while also contributing to an exclusionary athletic environment and a more hostile school climate for all students.”

The letter closes by calling for an end to such legislation in all states, along with the repeal of laws signed in Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi and Tennessee.

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Scoreboard roundup — 4/5/21

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iStockBy ABC News

(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Monday’s sports events:


LA Dodgers 10, Oakland 3

Minnesota 15, Detroit 6
Kansas City 3, Cleveland 0
Toronto 6, Texas 2
NY Yankees 7, Baltimore 0
Boston 11, Tampa Bay 2
LA Angels 7, Houston 6
Chi White Sox 6, Seattle 0


St. Louis 4, Miami 1
Cincinnati 5, Pittsburgh 3
Philadelphia 5, NY Mets 3
Chi Cubs 5, Milwaukee 3
San Francisco 3, San Diego 2
Atlanta at Washington (Postponed)


Dallas 111, Utah 103
Toronto 103, Washington 101
Cleveland 125, San Antonio 101
Detroit 132, Oklahoma City 108
Minnesota 116, Sacramento 106
Brooklyn 114, New York 112
Phoenix 133, Houston 130


Winnipeg 4, Ottawa 3
Montreal 3, Edmonton 2 (OT)
Philadelphia 3, Boston 2 (OT)
Vegas 6, St. Louis 1
Colorado 5, Minnesota 4
Toronto 5, Calgary 3
Arizona 5, Los Angeles 2

Baylor 86, Gonzaga 70

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